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Black Belt (Trainer class)

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In the anime
[[Kiyo]], a Black Belt, appeared in ''[[EP233|A Tyrogue Full of Trouble!]]'', where he was preparing his {{t|Fighting}} Pokémon near [[Mt. Mortar]] for the upcoming [[P1 Grand Prix]]. He later {{pkmn2|caught}} a troublesome {{p|Tyrogue}}.
In ''[[AG145|Pasta La Vista]]'', [[Master Hamm]], an old Black Belt and the leader of the [[Saffron City]] [[Fighting Dojo]], struggled to convince his son [[Kyle Hamm|Kyle]] to take over the dojo, despite him insisting that he wanted to sell noodles instead. In the end, one of Master Hamm's students, [[Terri]], took over the dojo instead, while theMaster fatherHamm and sonKyle both set out to sell noodles.
A Black Belt appeared in ''[[DP051|Glory Blaze!]]'' as a participant of the [[Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition]]. He teamed up with a {{tc|Psychic}} and his {{p|Metagross}}, using a {{p|Zangoose}} himself. They battled {{Ash}} and [[Paul]], who were using {{AP|Turtwig}} and {{TP|Paul|Chimchar}}, respectively. As Chimchar was scared of Zangoose, it was unwilling to battle, but Paul was only thinking about the possibility of getting Chimchar's [[Ability]] {{a|Blaze}} activated. When Chimchar defended Turtwig from Zangoose's attack, Paul turned his back to it. Ash then started commanding Chimchar, and with the help of his Turtwig, Zangoose was defeated.