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Team Rocket dresses {{MTR}} up in a Croagunk costume and sends him out on stage. Meowth is thoroughly embarrassed, but the crowd and judges go wild for it. Hamilton is unimpressed.
Crasher Wake announces the brick-breaking contest. Brock's Croagunk uses {{m|Brick Break}} and breaks all of the bricks. Meowth takes the stage next, to high anticipation. He charges up, and attacks the bricks, but since he can't learn Brick Break, the only thing he breaks is his paw. Crasher Wake announces a championship battle between Brock's Croagunk and Craig. They take to the boxing ring and begin the match. Craig uses {{m|Cross Chop}}. The dueling Croagunk trade jabs and {{an|Dawn}} has trouble figuring which one is which.
Out of nowhere, Team Rocket storms the festival in a giant Croagunk robot. Its tongue steals the prized crown. Craig and Brock's Croagunk attack the robot, but are trapped by the tongue. Crasher Wake steps in to help, but suddenly remembers that he left all his Poké Balls at the Gym. Everyone else's Croagunk attack the giant robot, but they're scooped into its belly. Chrissy heavily damages the robot, followed by Pikachu's {{m|Thunderbolt}}.