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* This movie was released between [[BW133]] and [[BW134]] in Japan. However it cannot have taken place any later than [[BW123]], as Ash's official character bio for the movie states that he is still travelling through Unova at the time of the movie's setting, indicating New Tork City is in the region. At this point in the series, Ash and friends had long since left Unova and were travelling through the [[Decolora Islands]].
* The setting for this film is based on {{wp|New York City}}, with {{wp|Central Park}} serving as the basis for [[Pokémon Hills]]. Director Kunihiko Yuyama wanted to create a contrast between the ancient {{p|Genesect}} and a setting that embraces technology and civilization.
** Several other places in the city also reference locations within New York City. For example, an area modeled after {{wp|Times Square}} appears in a few scenes, and the [[Pokémon Center]] where Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Eric eat is modeled on the famous restaurant {{wp|Tavern on the Green}}.