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Generation III
Whereas all Berry trees in Generation II were on the same, unflexible schedule and in fixed locations, in Generation III, it is possible to plant any Berry in any place where there is an open patch of [[soft soil]]. The growth time of a Berry depends on the Berry (ranging from four hours to four days), though Berries can generally be grouped into sets with similar growth times, yields, flavor profiles, and effects. The player can also care for the Berry plant by watering it with the [[watering can]], which can increase the plant's final yield.
In Generation III, soft soil only exists in [[Hoenn]] and is not found in the [[Kanto]] or [[Orre]] regions. However, in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, many varieties of Berries can be obtained in the [[Sevii Islands]]' [[Berry Forest]], where certain Berries regularly fall off trees, andfunctioning as [[item#recurring itemsitem|regenerate themselvesregenerating]] hidden items.
====Growth and care====