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[[File:Oshawott no scalchop.png|thumb|250px|left|Oshawott without his scalchop]]
In ''[[BW028|Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!]]'', Oshawott battled against [[Stephan]]'s {{p|Blitzle}}, where his scalchop ended up getting kicked out of his hands and off into the distance. Horrified, Oshawott chased after it, but he could not find it. After many failed substitutes, [[Cilan's Dwebble]] crafted a new scalchop out of a nearby rock but it ended up being too big and too heavy for Oshawott. Ash then trained him, giving Oshawott the strength to carry the new scalchop. Unfortunately, it ended up being destroyed during a rematch with Blitzle, but Oshawott turned out to be much faster because of all the training and was able to defend himself without a scalchop. He soon defeated Blitzle with a lucky-shot {{m|Aqua Jet}} that sent them both crashing into a boulder. After the battle, Axew found the missing scalchop in the forest and returned it to Oshawott.
In ''[[BW031|Ash and Trip's Third Battle!]]'', Ash sent out Oshawott to battle Trip's {{p|Timburr}}. Ash commanded Oshawott to use Aqua Jet, which went out of control again. When Oshawott tried the move again, Trip took pictures of him. Trip called a time-out and then showed Ash pictures of Oshawott's face, and revealed that Oshawott's eyes were closed whenever he used it. Trip suggested that was why Oshawott had so much trouble controlling Aqua Jet. The battle resumed, and while both Pokémon used their "weapons" to full extent, Oshawott won out over Timburr using Razor Shell. Following Trip's advice, Ash trained Oshawott to open his eyes under water in ''[[BW032|Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!]]''. Oshawott was at a major disadvantage to a group of {{p|Tympole}} that attacked him while his eyes were closed, eventually, Oshawott opened his eyes and scared off the Tympole. Later when battling the {{AP|Palpitoad}} that ordered the first attack, Oshawott executed a perfect Aqua Jet, defeating him and enabling Ash to catch him.
====Decolore Islands====
In ''[[BW126|Crowning the Scalchop King!]]'', Oshawott competed in the [[Scalchop King Competition]] on [[Scalchop Island]]. He had a rivalry with Caesar, a {{p|Dewott}} owned by [[Cadbury]], as both fell in love with Osharina, who was the Scalchop Queen of the island. Both competitors made it to the final round of the tournament, where they battled against each other. After a long battle, Oshawott managed to defeat Caesar. Despite Oshawott's win, Osharina rejected him in favor of Caesar. Oshawott's scalchop broke soon after, disqualifying him from the tournament.
Oshawott was reunited with the entire Unova team at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] in ''[[BW142|The Dream Continues!]]''. He joined the others in a group attack on Team Rocket with his Hydro Pump to send them blasting off for the last time in the {{series|Best Wishes}}. Oshawott later posed in a group photo with the rest of Ash's Pokémon. Then, he was left at the lab when Ash set off for the [[Kalos]] region.