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{{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}}
In ''[[PS200|Tripped Up by Torkoal]]'', Mumu [[Evolution|evolved]] into Marshtomp, gaining the awe of the [[Pokémon Fan Club Chairman]], who also adored Nana and [[Kiki]]. He tried to help Ruby enlist in the Contests there, but with no Hoenn [[Contest Pass]], he wasn't accepted. Instead, the two ended up being dragged into a mire when three {{tc|Magma Admin}}s kidnapped the two along with [[Captain Stern]]. When Ruby awakened Mumu popped out of his {{i|Poké Ball}} to help free him, but to no avail. Upon realizing that the one interrogating Stern for information now was in cahoots with [[Tabitha]] and {{FB|Magma Admin|Courtney}}, who had attacked him and Sapphire before, Ruby used his [[Pokéblock]]-making skills to lure [[Blaise]]'s {{p|Slugma}} into the [[Submarine Explorer 1|Submarine]] they were planning to steal. Mumu managed to counter Slugma's fire attacks, but soon fell to Blaise's illusions. After overcoming it he attacked with {{m|Earthquake}}, allowing the two to reach the escape pod.
In ''[[PS209|Hanging Around With Slaking I]]'', Mumu battled against Ruby's father, [[Norman]]. After Nana and Kiki were defeated due to Norman knowing how they attacked it was revealed that they were a distraction for Mumu to set up a {{m|Mud Shot}} attack, which landed a direct hit after shooting through some pipes. Norman quickly counters with {{p|Vigoroth}} and it seems the two were evenly matched. Ruby soon attempts to fire Mumu's high powered Mud Shot, but it is stopped by [[Mr. Stone]]'s [[Fofo|Castform]]'s {{m|Sunny Day}}.
[[File:Mumu Marshtomp.png|thumb|left|150px|As a Marshtomp]]
In ''[[PS218|It's Absol-utely a Bad Omen]]'', Mumu advanced Ruby through the {{OBP|Rank|Contest|Normal Rank}} of the Tough Contest. In ''[[PS220|Going to Eleven with Loudred & Exploud I]]'', Mumu is used alongside Ruby's other Pokémon to battle against Courtney and her {{p|Ninetales}}. Although Ruby had a five to one advantage his team was beaten due to Ninetales having control of nine different fireballs.
In ''[[PS231|Master Class with Masquerain]]'', Mumu evolved into {{p|Swampert}}. [[PS232|Soon]] after Mumu advanced Ruby through the Hyper Rank of the Tough Contest.
In ''[[PS248|The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon X]]'', Mumu, alongside Ruby and Sapphire's other Pokémon, battled against [[Archie]] and [[Maxie]]. He and Chic attempted to deliver a decisive blow, but failed to do any real damage. In ''[[PS252|The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon XIV]]'', Mumu and Chic attack the meteor fragment coming from Archie and Maxie, which sends a powerful blast of energy out. The energy hits Maxie and Archie's foreheads, turning them back to normal and stops the power of the [[Red Orb|Red]] and [[Blue Orb]]s.
In ''[[PS267|It All Ends Now VIII]]'', Mumu battled alongside the rest of Ruby and Sapphire's Pokémon against Maxie and Archie. Later that day, Mumu is shown to have won the Master Rank of the Tough Contest, wearing a [[Yellow Scarf]].