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Katrina (AG011)

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'''Katrina''' (Japanese: '''カクリ''' ''Kakuri'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[AG011|A Bite to Remember]]''.
Katrina is a {{tc|Pokémon Ranger|Ranger}} who is in charge of protecting a Pokémon reservepreserve located innear a[[Rustboro forestCity]] in [[Hoenn]]. Her threefour {{p|Mightyena}} andoften {{p|Poochyena}} assistedaccompany her in thaton matterduty, scaring away any intruderswould who harmed thebe [[Pokémon in the reserve. As soon as [[Maxpoacher]]s startedthreatening scaringto awayharm the Pokémon there, Katrina accused them of being intruders and had her Mightyena and Poochyena take care of {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}. Duringin the battle with the {{type|Dark}} Pokémon, Katrina showed up and explained to Ash and his friends that they were on a Pokémon reservepreserve. Later, she took them to the preserve center where she takes care of any Pokémon who are injured and nurses them back to health.
[[Max]] befriendedwas Katrina'sparticularly Poochyena during his time at the reserve as he wantedexcited to helpsee itall evolve. Katrina allowed him to do so and gaveof the group[[wild aPokémon]], placebut tohis stay. While Maxenthusiasm was trainingscaring Poochyena so it could evolve, Katrina went toaway the forest and found a piece of a net that was used for catching Pokémon. SheKatrina tookinitially accused the group toof thebeing areaintruders, whereas sheher found that object,Mightyena and they ended up finding Max in a confrontation with {{TRTp|Poochyena}}, asprepared theto triotake werecare responsible for taking the Pokémon from theof reservethem. PoochyenaAfter becamelearning one ofthat the Pokémongroup caughtwas inactually thea net. With Max's encouragementgroup of Poochyena usingtraveling {{mpkmn|BiteTrainer}},s Poochyenabound successfullyfor usedRustboro, theshe moveinvited andthem freedto itself, along with the trappedher Pokémon, withPreserve {{AP|Pikachu}}Center finishingwhere offshe thetakes Theof battleany withPokémon Teamwho Rocketare causedinjured Poochyenaand tonurses evolvethem into Mightyena, muchback to Max's excitementhealth.
Max quickly befriended Katrina's Poochyena and was set on helping it to [[Evolution|evolve]]. Katrina allowed Max to do so and offered the group a place to stay in the meantime. While Max was training Poochyena so it could evolve, Katrina was on one of her patrols when she found a piece of a net that was used for catching Pokémon. She later took the group to the area where she found the net, and they ended up finding Max in a confrontation with {{TRT}}, as the trio were responsible for taking the Pokémon from the reserve. Poochyena became one of the Pokémon caught in the net. With Max's encouragement of Poochyena using {{m|Bite}}, Poochyena successfully used the [[move]] and freed itself, along with the trapped Pokémon, with {{AP|Pikachu}} finishing off the villains. The battle with Team Rocket caused Poochyena to evolve into Mightyena, much to Max's excitement.
|vajp=Katsuyuki Konishi
|vaen=Katsuyuki Konishi
|desc=Katrina uses these {{p|Mightyena}} to protect the reservepreserve, one of which was a {{p|Poochyena}}. They were first seen approaching {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} after [[Max]]'s excitement scared any some Pokémon in the reservepreserve. The Mightyena had a battle with {{AP|Pikachu}}, {{TP|May|Torchic}} and {{TP|Brock|Forretress}} until Katrina and Poochyena showed up.
At the reservePreserve centerCenter, Katrina explained to the group that Poochyena and the Mightyena are the same age and that Poochyena didn'tnever evolveevolved atunlike the sameothers. timeShe asexplained thethat othersit only ever used Tackle, despiteso itsit agelacked a lot of battle experience. Max trained the Poochyena in order to accomplish that goal. It had battled Torchic, but that wasn't enough.
Later, {{TRT}} kidnapped Poochyena, along with theseveral Pokémonother inof the reservepreserve's Pokémon. Mightyena and the group arrived to rescue the stolen Pokémon. Max encouraged Poochyena to use Bite to free the Pokémon in the net. Poochyena successfully did so and was freed. The battle with the villains caused Poochyena to evolve into Mightyena.
The Mightyena that evolved from Poochyena knows {{m|Tackle}} and {{m|Bite}}.<br>