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Pokémon Ranger (Trainer class)

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In the anime
[[File:Elisa.png|thumb|230px|Elisa, a Pokémon Ranger in the anime]]
Several Pokémon Rangers appeared in the anime, mainly in the {{series|Advanced Generation}}. Generally, they are tasked with keeping an eye on an area and looking after the [[wild Pokémon]] there. Some of these areas are restricted and have to be protected from {{pkmn|poacher}}s.
[[Officer Jenny]] are often tasked with protecting the Pokémon Preserves like [[Safari Land]] and [[Pinkan Island]].
In ''[[EP119|A Sappy Ending]]'', [[Woodruff]] is a ranger for a [[Johto]] forest and wildlife bureau. In ''[[EP172|Mountain Time]]'', [[Benji]] and [[Benji's father|his father]] are part of the [[Mountain Patrol]], an organization that operated near [[Ecruteak City]]. While she did not reveal her job, [[Krystal]] acts as a sort of Pokémon Ranger in ''[[EP242|As Clear as Crystal]]'' In ''[[EP264|Mother of All Battles]]'', [[Ranger Mason]] and her comrades are in charge of protecting a Pokémon preserve on [[Mt. Silver]].
In [[Unova]], [[Eric]] is a park ranger who works at [[Pokémon Hills]] in [[New Tork City]] in ''[[M16|Genesect and the Legend Awakened]]''. In [[Kalos]], [[Keaton]] looks after a forest located somewhere near [[Geosenge Town]] in ''[[XY035|The Forest Champion!]]''; and [[Keanan]] is the caretaker of a swamp located between [[Lumiose City]] and [[Laverre City]] that is the original home of [[Ash's Goodra]].
A pair of Rangers appeared in ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]'', where they encountered [[Risa]], who was looking for an {{p|Eevee}} near a mountain that had been off-limits for generationsdecades. They warned her to leave the area because of {{OBP|Zeraora|M21}}'s curse.
==In the manga==