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Two years later, in [[PS542]], the Light Stone and Zekrom were summoned to Unova, having been pulled there by the growing power of {{DL|Tao trio (Adventures)|Kyurem}}. The Light Stone made a detour and stopped at the [[Entralink]], where it was found by White. After explaining to White about Team Plasma's return, N had White take the Light Stone to safety while he and Zekrom faced Ghetsis and Kyurem. He told White that Reshiram would awaken if Zekrom were absorbed by Kyurem and decided to leave the rest up to Black.
In [[PS544]], White was taken into the Light Stone after Kyurem reverted Zekrom into the Dark Stone, trapping N inside with it. White and N arrived at the [[Pokémon Dream World]], where they reunited with Black. After Kyurem absorbed Zekrom to become {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Kyurem|Black Kyurem}}, N decided to fight it from the inside with Zekrom while Black and White headed outside to face Kyurem directly. Black and White teamed up to attack Kyurem, but their assault was cut short when N was ejected from the Dark Stone. With his opponents distracted, Ghetsis had Kyurem launch an attack before escaping. While they searched for Ghetsis, Black and White found {{adv|Blake}} and {{adv|Whitley}} on a nearby beach. After introducing themselves, the Unova Pokédex holders decided to team up to stop Ghetsis. In order to figure out where Ghetsis escaped to, Black sent Musha to eat his dreams.