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Butterfree (Pokémon)

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Multiple {{pkmn2|wild}} Butterfree appeared in ''[[EP021|Bye-Bye Butterfree]]'', where they engaged in a mating ceremony that Ash's Butterfree took a part of.
A Butterfree [[Ritchienickname]] has a Butterfree nicknamedd Happy. It debuted in ''[[EP078|A Friend in Deed]]'', whereunder itthe ownership of [[Ritchie]]. It was used to help Ritchie get out of {{TRT}}'s runaway truck safely. It reappeared in ''[[EP079|Friend and Foe Alike]]'' and ''[[EP080|Friends to the End]]'', where it was used during Ritchie's battles in the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]].
A {{DL|List of alternately colored Pokémon in the anime|Orange Archipelago Butterfree|Orange Archipelago variant}} of Butterfree living on [[Valencia Island]] appeared in ''[[EP083|Poké Ball Peril]]''. It had not eaten for days despite [[Professor Ivy]]'s effort to make different kinds of food for it. It took a liking to {{an|Brock}}'s food, however, and was one of the reasons he stayed behind. It reappeared in a flashback in ''[[EP115|A Tent Situation]]''.
A Butterfree appeared in ''[[M03|Spell of the Unown: Entei]]'', under the ownership of {{OBP|Lisa|M03}}. It was used in a battle against Ash and went up against his {{AP|Bulbasaur}}. The match ended with Bulbasaur being dazed with {{m|Sleep Powder}} and finished off with a gust of wind.
AfterA {{TRTpkmn2|giant}} kidnappedButterfree Dr. Gordon and flew away on [[Jessie's Dustox]]appeared in ''[[AG142|Caterpie's Big Dilemma]]'', under the ownership of [[Xander]]'s. After {{TRT}} kidnapped Dr. Gordon and flew away on [[GiantJessie's Pokémon|giantDustox]], Metapodit evolved intofrom a ButterfreeMetapod to chase Team Rocket. Xander's Butterfree shrunk back to its normal size at the end of the episode.
A Butterfree appeared in ''[[AG151|Weekend Warrior]]'', under the ownership of {{OBP|Jeremy|AG151}}. He used it in the [[Appeal|Appeals Round]] of the {{ka|Silver Town}} [[Pokémon Contest]].
A Butterfree appeared in ''[[DrewAG187|The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing]]'', hasunder athe Butterfree,ownership whichof he[[Drew]]. He used it during his [[Double Battle|two-on-two]] [[Contest Battle]] against {{an|May}} in ''[[AG187|The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing]]''. Butterfree battled alongside {{p|Roselia}} against {{TP|May|Combusken}} and {{TP|May|Beautifly}} and managed to win.
Multiple Butterfree appeared in ''[[BW130|Butterfree and Me!]]'', where they evolved from Metapod on [[Wayfarer Island]]. One Butterfree had been befriended by Ash as a Caterpie, and Ash spent much of the episode helping it eventually evolve into its final form.