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====Pokémon Sun and Moon====
:''"You there, {{pkmn|Trainer}}. Can you come to my aid?"''
:''"I sell them our vegetables wholesale, so they let me eat for free. So let me treat you today. Have these, too."''
:''"Well then. I would say it is time we both got back to work."''
====Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon====
:''"You there, {{pkmn|Trainer}}. Can you come to my aid?"''
:''"Over here."''
:''"These scoundrels are Pokémon thieves. And you're on familiar terms with them?"''
:''"I am Hapu."''
:''"Life in the big city sure is something else. Pokémon thieves roam about brazenly..."''
:''"Hmm, I leave that one to you."''
:''"{{p|Mudsdale}}, shall we stomp these scoundrels? It'll be a mess to clean up afterward, but I am willing if you are."''
:''"You'll be fine getting home?"''
:''"Glad to see that {{p|Drifloon}} will get home on her own."''
:''"I've got you to thank for that. Give me your name, Trainer."''
:''"<Player>, eh? That's a fine name. I like the way you handled yourself in battle."''
:''"Mudsdale and I are always wandering all about [[Alola]] to try to achieve our goals, so perhaps we'll meet again someday. I am indebted to you for your aid, after all."''
:''"Ah yes. You might want to try your hand at a {{color|F00|Battle Royal}} or two, <player>. Mudsdale here thinks you'd be well suited to it, given how strong you are."''