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Shadow Lugia

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Trivia: only possible with hacking
* Assuming the player has all the necessary Pokémon for the [[Purify Chamber]], Shadow Lugia can be purified with the least amount of effort, as it's purified instantly and the method doesn't work with any other Shadow Pokémon.
* In ''{{sbw|Super Smash Bros. 4}}'' and ''{{sbw|Super Smash Bros. Ultimate}}'', one of [[Mewtwo (Super Smash Bros.)|Mewtwo]]'s alternate costumes is a reference to Shadow Lugia.
* Shadow Lugia can show a [[Shiny Pokémon]] entrance even though there is no data for a Shiny Shadow Lugia in the game files. Its shiny menu sprite is the same as its normal menu sprite. However, once purified, Shiny Shadow Lugia will become a Shiny Lugia.
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