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Mossdeep Gym

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In the anime
==In the anime==
The Mossdeep Gym first appeared in ''[[AG099|It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!]]'', where {{Ash}} and ''[[AG100|Solid{{ashfr}} asarrived athere Solrock]]for Ash''.s InGym the {{pkmn|anime}}battle, only to learn that everyone at the Gym hashad multipleleft planet-liketo objectswitness floatinga in{{wp|space theshuttle}} air,launch makingat the battlefield[[Mossdeep three-dimensionalSpace Center]].
{{Ash}}In originally''[[AG100|Solid metas a Solrock]]'', Ash challenged [[Tate and Liza]] whileto theya wereGym havingbattle aat the Gym, using his {{pkmnAP|battlePikachu}} inand a{{AP|Swellow}} zero-gravityagainst {{TP|Tate|Solrock}} and {{TP|Liza|Lunatone}}. Although they were powerful roomopponents, Tate and wasLiza surprisedended toup findinadvertently outsabotaging thateach thereother wereand twosubsequently Gymhad Leadersan inargument, onegiving GymAsh a chance for a counterattack. AfterHowever, the battle was interrupted by {{TRT}} bursting through the Gym's roof with their newest [[MaxTeam Rocket's mechas|robot]] to steal Solrock and TateLunatone. workedAlthough togetherTeam toRocket savewas soon defeated and the {{wp|spacestolen shuttle}}Pokémon fromwere beingrecovered, stolenthe Gym was so badly damaged by {{TRT}},their Tateattack andthat LizaAsh's agreedGym battle had to battlecontinue Ashoutdoors. ForWith the battle against {{p|Lunatone}}Team Rocket having restored Tate and {{p|Solrock}}Liza's teamwork, Ash chosehad {{AP|Pikachu}}trouble andovercoming {{AP|Swellow}}their strategies, thebut latterhe ineventually ordercame toup counterwith Lunatonea strategy of his own and Solrock'sultimately abilitydefeated tohis floatopponents, inearning him the air{{badge|Mind}}.
However,The inGym's thebattlefield middlehas ofmultiple planet-like objects floating around in the battleair, Teammaking Rocketit showedthree-dimensional. upThe withbattles their neware [[Team Rocket'sBattle mechasjudge|robotrefereed]], and stoleby LunatoneTate and Solrock.Liza's With Ash andmother, {{ashfran|Rachel}}' help, the two Pokémon were recovered, but since the robot had opened a hole in the Gym's roof, the Gym battle was finished outdoors instead.
===Pokémon used in Gym===
|epname=It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!
|desc=Liza's {{p|Lunatone}} is the Pokémon she uses in all of her Gym battles. When the twins battled each other in ''[[AG099|It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!]]'', Lunatone won the battle for Liza. She later also used it against {{TRT}} after they failed to steal a space shuttle from the Mossdeep Space Center. In ''[[AG100|Solid as a Solrock!]]'', it fought with Tate's {{p|Solrock}} against [[Ash's Pikachu]] and {{AP|Swellow}} but lost.}}
====Used by Tate====
|epname=It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!
|desc=Tate's {{p|Solrock}} is the Pokémon he uses in all of his Gym battles. In ''[[AG099|It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!]]'', it battlebattled Liza's {{p|Lunatone}} but lost. Later, in ''[[AG100|Solid as a Solrock!]]'', it fought with Liza's Lunatone against [[Ash's Pikachu]] and {{AP|Swellow}} but lost.}}