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Pokémon in the Czech Republic

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TV series
The [[S05|fifth season]], as well as the entire {{series|Advanced Generation}}, were skipped in the Czech Republic, but it's translated by fans, along with Advanced Generation series and banned episodes.
However, on January 5, 2009, [[S10|season 10]] premiered on '''Jetix'''. After its airing, [[S11|season 11]] premiered on March 5, 2009. Until Jetix was rebrandedre-branded to Disney Channel in September 19, 2009, Jetix aired reruns of season 11. After that, Pokémon was dropped until March 1, 2010 when [[S12|season 12]] was announced to premiere on Disney Channel. But instead, reruns of season 11 aired. At the end of March, even these reruns stopped again.
After weeks of fan speculation, season 12 finally aired on Disney Channel on July 5, 2010.
On December 5, 2009, ''[[DP001|Following a Maiden's Voyage!]]'' premiered on {{wp|TV Prima}}. Since then, the station has been broadcasting Pokémon regularly on weekend mornings for more than a year and aired all episodes from seasons 10 and 11.
In 2011, TV Barrandov gained broadcasting rights for the Diamond and Pearl series. Season 10 premiered on TV Barrandov on September 5, 2011. Season 11 and season 12 followed shortly after. For the first time in history, episode title cards have been localized into Czech. Later in April 2012, [[S13|season 13]] premiered on TV Barrandov. The episodes were cropped to 4:3 format and unlike season 12, all text was left in English. After ending season 13, the station aired reruns of season 12. In September 2012, [[S14|season 14]] started airing, followed by [[S15|season 15]] in November. The localized title cards made their return and the show was broadcastedaired in 16:9 for the first time. After that, the station continued with reruns of seasons 10 to 15 until August 2014, when the show was removed from schedule altogether.
Seasons [[S5|5]] to [[S9|9]] as well as [[S16|season 16]] were never aired and are only available in the form of fansubs.