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Gulpin (Pokémon)

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In the manga
==In the manga==
[[File:Gulpin Adventures.png|thumb|200px|Gulpin in [[Pokémon Adventures]]]]
===In the movie adaptations===
A Gulpin appeared in the {{ma|Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel|manga adaptation}} of ''[[M19|Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel]]'' as a resident of the [[Nebel Plateau]].
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
A Gulpin made a cameo appearance at the end of ''[[PS180|The Last Battle XIV]]'', where one was being examined by [[Professor Elm]].
The {{gdis|Battle Factory|III}} rented a Gulpin, as seen in ''[[PS326|Lemme at 'Em, Lapras!]]''. It was stolen by [[Guile Hideout]] in [[PS327|the next chapter]].