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Terracotta Town

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'''Terracotta Town''' (Japanese: '''トネリコタウン''' ''Toneriko Town'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive location in the [[Kanto]] [[region]]. It wasis visiteda bylarge, {{Ash}}seaside town situated below a range of steep cliffs and {{ashfr}}it seems to be located near [[Pewter City]] and [[Pallet Town]]. It first appeared in ''[[AG191|Once More with Reeling!]]''., Thewhen town{{ashfr|the seemsgroup}} toarrived bethere locatedfollowing near{{Ash}}'s victory against [[PewterPyramid CityKing Brandon]] andat the [[PalletBattle TownPyramid]].
[[File:The town hosts an annual festival known as the "Terracotta RibbonTown Contest Festival", in which the streets are decorated with streamers and filled with concessionary stands.png|thumb|left|220px|The TerracottaMore Medalimportantly around this time, the town holds an informal [[Pokémon Contest]] not sanctioned by the [[Pokémon Activities Committee]], in which a [[Contest Pass]] is not required for signing up.
It is a large, seaside town situated below a range of steep cliffs, resulting in several rivers which the town has cultivated around. The town is shown to host an annual festival known as the ''Terracotta Town Contest Festival'', in which the streets are decorated with streamers and bustling with concessionary stands. More importantly around this time, the town is known to play host to [[Pokémon Contest]]s not sanctioned by the [[Pokémon Activities Committee]].
{{an|May}}Terracotta andTown Ash both enteredwas the Terracottasetting Contest, atof a [[Contest Hall]] located within a rustic sectionnumber of theimportant seasideevents, town.such Theas twoAsh gotentering tohis battlefirst eachPokémon other by both making it through to the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]]; the battle ended in a draw, earning them both the {{DLan|Ribbon|Terracotta MedalMay}}. It was also the place where May's {{p|Combusken}} [[Evolution|evolvedevolving]] into {{TP|May|Blaziken}}, and May and [[Max]] partings ways with Ash and {{an|Brock}} in order to return to [[Petalburg City]].
==Places of interest==
===Contest Hall===
[[File:Terracotta Ribbon.png|thumb|250px|The Terracotta Medal]]
{{main|Contest Hall}}
Shortly after arriving in Terracotta Town, {{an|May}} saw a poster advertising an unofficial [[Pokémon Contest]] that was scheduled to take place soon. She and {{Ash}} both decided to enter the Terracotta Contest, whose prize, the {{DL|Ribbon|Terracotta Medal}}, is merely commemorative and cannot be used to enter the [[Grand Festival]]. The event was held at a [[Contest Hall]] located within a rustic section of the town.
In the [[Appeal|first round]], May chose to use her {{TP|May|Eevee}}, commanding it to {{m|Dig}} several holes into the ground before firing a number of {{m|Shadow Ball}}s upwards, which popped up midair to create a fireworks display. On Ash's turn, he commanded {{AP|Pikachu}} to use {{m|Thunderbolt}} and {{m|Iron Tail}} to create electric rings that buzzed around the arena.
Due to the event's unconventional nature, only two {{pkmn|Coordinator}}s were allowed to proceed to the second round, with May and Ash being selected to face off in a [[Contest Battle]]. The two took the battle very seriously, with May using her newly-evolved {{TP|May|Blaziken}} against [[Ash's Sceptile]].
After a fierce match in which both Pokémon activated their {{Abilities}}, May and Ash were shown to have the same amount of points. In an official competition regulated by the {{pkmn|Activities Committee|Contest Committee}}, a draw would be an unacceptable outcome and an extra, {{wp|Sudden death (sport)|sudden-death battle}} would take place. However, in the informal Terracotta Contest, both May and Ash were declared winners. With only one Terracotta Medal available, they decided to split it in half so that both of them could share it.
===Terracotta Harbor===
The town also has its own harbor, with [[Transportation in the Pokémon world|ships]] regularly docking to and from distant regions as far as [[Hoenn]]. May and Max departed from Kanto on one of these ships.
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