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Striaton City

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* The fact that the map description references a snowy climate and that the name of the city is a corruption of "[[wiktionary:striation|striation]]" (scratches left in rock from glacial friction) is likely a reference to {{wp|Long Island}}, which was formed by glacial deposits during {{wp|Quaternary glaciation|the ice age}}. Moreover, the position of Long Island relative to Manhattan is nearly identical to the position of the east peninsula of Unova relative to the central region, which was based on Manhattan.
* Despite {{p|Pikachu}} not being native to the Unova region, Pikachu-shaped hedges can be found in the garden. This is one of the few cameo appearances of Pikachu in [[Generation V]].
* Striaton City contains one of the three Gyms decommissioned between the events of [[Pokémon Black and White]] and [[Pokémon Black 2 and White 2]]. The others are in [[Icirrus City]] and [[Nacrene City]].
* In {{2v2|Black|White|2}}, tame {{p|Stunfisk}} appear in the garden at night in the summer. This could be a reference to the {{pkmn|anime}} where {{an|Cilan}} owns a {{TP|Cilan|Stunfisk}}.