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|desc={{main|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)#Rayquaza|Rayquaza (Adventures)}}
{{p|Rayquaza}} was temporarily under the Pokémon Association's possession in [[Goldenrod City]] after being captured at the [[Embedded Tower]]. As it, unlike {{p|Kyogre}} and {{p|Groudon}}, lacked an [[Colored orbs|Orb]] which could be used to control it, the Association attempted to study the Sky High Pokémon in order to create [[Jade Orb|an artificial Orb]] to control it, but failed. Rayquaza soon escaped, and [[Norman]], the [[Petalburg City]] [[Gym Leader]] candidate, was ordered to go after it, since he admitted that he accidentally let Rayquaza out. Despite Norman's best efforts, Rayquaza managed to get away, and wasn't found again until the crisis with the two other Legendary Pokémon had gotten underway {{chap|Ruby & Sapphire|five years later}}.}}
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