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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are atAt a [[Pokémon Center]]., {{Ash}}, {{an|Serena}}, and {{an|Clemont}} are over by the front desk waiting for [[Nurse Joy]], while {{an|Bonnie}} is kneeling over a nearby seat, humming and petting [[Squishy]] while it sleeps on the seat. Suddenly, Nurse Joy comes out to the front desk carrying everyone's {{i|Poké Ball}}s, while {{TP|Nurse Joy|Wigglytuff}} pushes a tray with {{TP|Ash|Pikachu}} sitting on top. Pikachu jumps into Ash's arms, and everyone collects their Poké Balls. Later, Ash and Clemont are sitting and chatting, while Serena brushes {{TP|Serena|Eevee}}, with {{TP|Serena|Braixen}} and {{TP|Serena|Pancham}} waiting patiently for their turn to be brushed. When Serena is done brushing Eevee, Pancham walks over and implies that it's his turn next. However, Braixen disagrees, and the two start fighting, much to Serena's frustration. She yells at them to wait patiently, and the two leave each other alone. Serena then tells Braixen it's her turn.
Once all of Serena's Pokémon are brushed, Serena goes over to a nearby computer to check for new [[Pokévision]] videos. She notices something odd, and presses a button on the screen. She is greeted with a video of [[Monsieur Pierre]], inviting all [[Pokémon Performer]]s to his dance party. Everyone comes over to the computer as Pierre continues. Pierre says that there is only one catch to attending- all Performers and their Pokémon must bring along a date. Serena looks to Ash and blushes as Pierre continues, revealing that {{an|Aria}} would be in attendance as Pierre's guest. Pierre then concludes his video. Bonnie asks if they can come to the party, and Ash asks if she's even going. Serena says she is, and goes over to Eevee. Serena asks Eevee if she wants to go, as although there would be lots of people in attendance, it would be a fun experience. Eevee nervously nods yes, and Clemont reminds Serena that everyone needs a date. Ash suggests that {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}} should be Eevee's partner. Clemont calls out Bunnelby, and the two Pokémon agree to be each other's dates. Bonnie asks if that means that Clemont would be Serena's date, and Serena asks if Clemont would. Clemont becomes nervous, and while everyone tries to convince Clemont, Serena shows disappointment in not having Ash as her date.
Once Ash and his friends{{ashfr}} leave the Pokémon Center, they head towards Monsieur Pierre's mansion, where the dance would be held. Serena notices it over the horizon, and in no time they arrive at the front gate. Bonnie notes the large size of the crowd, and asks Clemont if he's going to be all right. Clemont nervously remarks that he's wondering that himself, and Serena encourages him that he'll be fine. [[Miette]] shows up out of nowhere and overhears what Serena said, noting that Ash isn't her date. Serena is surprised by Miette's sudden appearance, and Miette walks over to Ash and asks if he would be her date, much to Serena's shock. Ash says yes, also much to Serena's horror, and Miette notices Eevee, who hides behind Serena in shyness. Miette asks if Serena caught it, and Serena notes that she did, and that Eevee's dancing is fantastic. Miette says that they should go ahead and enjoy the party, and drags along Ash as she walks inside. {{p|Slurpuff}} does the same to Pikachu, and the two pairs walk inside together. Miette looks behind her and winks at Serena, which angers her. Serena angrily tells Bonnie and Clemont that they should go inside as well, and she angrily marches inside, fists clenched tightly. Bonnie and Clemont look at each other as if to ask why Serena is so mad, but they brush it off and follow Serena inside. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} watches from outside. [[James]] notes that it's no surprise that their [[Twerp|foe]]s would be there, and {{MTR}} notes that it makes a great chance to catch Pikachu. [[Jessie]] and {{TP|Jessie|Gourgeist}} approach the two, and Jessie notes that James would be her date. Gourgeist goes with {{TP|James|Inkay}}. James reluctantly agrees, and the two walk inside as well.
Once inside, Ash and his friends arrive at the front desk. The receptionist checks them in and then gives everyone a card, and Serena asks what they are for. The receptionist tells her that they are for a special event later. She also notes that there are outfits available to rent, and points them in the direction of the dressing room.