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[[File:Brock Memories.png|thumb|250px|Some [[Photography|old memories]] of Brock with his traveling companions]]
* Most official sources do not give Brock a last name. However, several sources suggest that in the anime, his last name is Harrison. In the July 2006 issue of [[K-Zone]] Magazine, [[Eric Stuart]] was interviewed, and he stated that Brock's last name is '''Harrison'''.<ref></ref>
** In ''[[EP153|Love, Totodile Style]]'', Brock confirmed that he does indeed have a last name, although did not give it.
* Brock captured a new Pokémon sooner after his debut than any other main character, even {{Ash}}, by capturing {{TP|Brock|Zubat}} in ''[[EP006|Clefairy and the Moon Stone]]'', exactly one episode after [[EP005|his debut]].
* Brock has been shown to be able to identify when women are really cross-dressing men in disguise by having a peculiar lack of attraction to them. He's also able to do the opposite. A significant exception to this is Ash, who in the guise of [[Ashley]] was able to fool Brock.