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Stage 2 Pokémon (TCG)

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A Stage 2 Pokémon can be placed in play if the corresponding Stage 1 Pokémon is Active or Benched. Certain effects can circumvent this, such as the {{TCG ID|Base Set|Pokémon Breeder|76}} Trainer card, that allows a {{TCG|Basic Pokémon}} to evolve into a Stage 2 Pokémon. All energy and damage on the Stage 1 are put onto the Stage 2, but all {{TCG|Special Conditions}} are lifted. The Stage 2 Pokémon can only use its Stage 2 attacks, unless the card says otherwise.
Some [[Pokémon-ex (TCG)|Pokémon-ex]] cards are Stage 1 Pokémon if that Pokémon's non-ex card is normally a Stage 1 card. For example, [[Metagross ex]] is a Stage 2 card because Metagross is a Stage 2 card.
Pokémon such as {{p|Venusaur}} and {{p|Omastar}} are Stage 2 Pokémon.