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Fighting (type)

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The '''Fighting type''' (Japanese: '''かくとうタイプ''' ''Fighting type'') is one of the eighteen [[type]]s. Notable Trainers who specialize in Fighting-type Pokémon are [[Bruno]] of the [[Indigo Plateau]] [[Elite Four]], [[Chuck]] of [[Cianwood City]], [[Brawly]] of [[Dewford Town]], [[Maylene]] of [[Veilstone City]], [[Marshal]] of the [[Unova]] Elite Four, [[Korrina]] of [[Shalour City]] and [[Hala]] of the [[Alola]] Elite Four{{sup/7|SM}}. The [[Fighting Dojo]] of [[Saffron City]] is also home to Koichiseveral andTrainers severalof otherFighting-type trainersPokémon, thoughalthough it is notno longer an official Gym. Prior to [[Generation IV#Advances in gameplay|changes in Generation IV]], all damaging Fighting-type moves were [[physical move|physical]], but they may now also be [[special move|special]] depending on the attack.
==Statistical averages==