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Stage 1 Pokémon (TCG)

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Stage 1 Pokémon are not be confused with Basic Pokémon that evolve from [[Baby Pokémon (TCG)|Baby Pokémon]], even though Baby Pokémon will still say 'Basic' on the card. For example, [[Pikachu]] is not a Stage 1 Pokémon, even though it evolves from [[Pichu]]. Pichu is a Baby Pokémon. In this case, [[Raichu]] would be the Stage 1 Pokémon because it evolves from Pikachu, a Basic Pokémon.
Some [[Pokémon-ex (TCG)|Pokémon-ex]] cards are Stage 1 Pokémon if that Pokémon's non-ex card is normally a Stage 1 card. For example, Wailord-ex is a Stage 1 card because Wailord is a Stage 1 card.
Outside of the TCG, Stage 1 Pokémon are commonly referred to as First-evolution Pokémon.