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Melemele Greens
The Melemele Greens are a group of {{p|Passimian}} who live in a forested area close to [[Iki Town]]. One [[nickname]]d Tiny is the current leader of the Melemele Greens.
The Melemele Greens first appeareddebuted in the [[banned episodes|banned episode]] [[SM064]]. The Red Buns clan, led by Claw, from [[Akala Island]], led by one nicknamed Claw, had arrived on [[Melemele Island]]. Theand rival group went onto take over theasserted leadership of the Melemele Greens after taking possession of their special fruit. The enslavedMelemele PassimianGreens felt helpless under Claw's ruthless reign and simply complied. {{Ash}} decided to dress up like a Passimian, which bolstered the confidence of Tiny and the other Melemele Greens. Tiny went ontoon to challenge Claw for leadership of the leadershipMelemele Greens, and competed alongside Ash in a [[Berry]] -tossing game on the beach. The Red Buns dominated much of the match, thanksdue to their larger size, though the game encouraged the other Melemele Greens to revolt and outnumber ClawsClaw and its friendsallies to reclaim their territory and freedom. Tiny and the other Melemele Greens eventually regained control, and later took Ash back to their nest to celebrate the victory.
They reappeared in [[SM121]], where they were among the Pokémon who visited [[Oranguru's Café]] and had their meal served by {{an|Mallow}} and {{an|Oranguru}}.