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* This movie marks the first time the anime has shown a dead Pokémon ({{p|Luxray}}) which wasn't later revived in some form.
* Although [[Ash's hat]] has a unique symbol in this movie, the symbol that appeared on the original hat can be seen on Ash's backpack.
* In American theaters, the movie was preceded by the [[Pokémon Generations]] episodes ''[[PG01|The Adventure]]'', ''[[PG02|The Chase]]'' and ''[[PG03|The Challenger]]'', as well as a music video for this movie's version of [[Pokémon Theme]] utilizing clips from most of the Pokémon movies. Movies [[M04|Movies four]] through [[M07|seven]] were skipped, however, presumably because they are still owned by Miramax. This movie montage was later uploaded to the [ official Pokémon YouTube channel].
* As a modern adaptation of the original series, the movie integrates a few details from the newer games:
** Pink Butterfree's oval scales on its lower wings are colored black in this movie, confirming its gender to be female. This is unlike how it appears in the main series, where it has the same wing pattern as a male Butterfree due to it appearing before [[Gender difference#Generation I Pokémon|gender differences]] were introduced.