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In ''[[SM049|Mission: Total Recall!]]'', Gladion chastised Ash for letting Lillie see Silvally, holding him responsible for Nebby's actions. Angered, Gladion returned to his hotel room, only to find [[Faba]] waiting for him there. Faba attacked Gladion and put him to sleep in order to steal Silvally. Later, Gladion told Lusamine what Faba did and demanded that she tell him where Silvally was taken. Lusamine, completely unaware about the entire situation, helped Gladion search for Silvally in Faba's research room. As they searched, Gladion scolded his mother for failing to notice that Lillie's fear of touching Pokémon was caused by the Ultra Beasts that Lusamine was obsessed with meeting.
After finding Silvally's Poké[[Premier Ball]], Gladion and Lusamine headed outside, where they found Faba attacking Lillie and Ash. In order to save Lillie, Silvally {{p|Silvally|evolved from Type: Null}} and defeated Faba's Pokémon. With Lillie freed, she reconciled with Lusamine for her neglectful parenting and apologized to Silvally, the Pokémon that saved her from a Nihilego years ago. This allowed Lillie to get over her past trauma and regain the ability to touch Pokémon.
In ''[[SM050|Faba's Revenge!]]'', Lillie and Ash informed Gladion that Faba had kidnapped Nebby. The three traveled to Aether Paradise, where they informed Lusamine about the situation. They headed to Faba's location, only to find that he successfully forced Nebby to summon a Nihilego from an Ultra Wormhole. The group tried to fight off Nihilego, but it proved to be too powerful and easily defeated their Pokémon. When Gladion tried to protect his family from the Ultra Beast, Lusamine pushed him out of the way and was captured instead. Nihilego then proceeded to drag Lusamine into the Ultra Wormhole.