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Gyro Ball (move)

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Effect: - 0 speed -> 1 speed, or 0 speed -> 1 power, depends on generation
Gyro Ball inflicts more damage the slower the user is compared to the target. Therefore, the larger the relative difference between the user's and target's {{stat|Speed}} stat, the greater the damage. The base power is calculated by the following formula:
:Base Power = 25 × min(6150, (25 × Target's Current Speed / User's Current Speed) + 1)
The maximum base power that can be reached with Gyro Ball is 150, if the opponent is at least six times as fast as the user. ThisThe speed stats used in the formula doesdo take all modifiers into account, including {{status|paralysis}}, intoheld account.items Thesuch user'sas speedthe will[[Iron neverBall]], beand lessabilities thansuch 1,as to{{a|Slush avoidRush}} having(but tonot dividethe byeffect 0of {{m|Trick Room}}).
Gyro===In Balldifferent does no damage to opponents with {{a|Bulletproof}}.generations===
====Generation IV-V====
If the user of Gyro Ball has a Speed stat that rounds down to 0, the stat will be treated as 1 in the power formula, to avoid having to divide by 0.
====Generation VI====
If the user of Gyro Ball has a Speed stat that rounds down to 0, now the entire move's power is set to 1, regardless of what the opponent's speed is.
Pokémon with {{a|Bulletproof}} are immune to Gyro Ball.