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** Because of this, this is also the first movie to feature no human characters introduced in the series airing at the time of the movie.
* As of this movie, all of the {{pkmn2|Legendary}} and [[Mythical Pokémon]] from [[Generation II]] have had a starring role in a Pokémon movie.
* This is {{an|Professor Oak}}'s first appearance in a movie since the [[M04|fourth movie]], and {{Delia}}'s first movie appearance since her cameo in the ending credits of the [[M11|eleventh movie]]. However, Delia's previous speaking movie appearance was in the [[M03|third movie]].
* This is the first movie to feature a {{pkmn2|released|Pokémon release}}, with Ash releasing his {{AP|Butterfree}} after saving the [[Pink Butterfree]].
* This is {{Gary}}'s first physical appearance since ''[[DP152|The Battle Finale of Legend!]]'', over seven years ago, although his appearance is only in the form of a brief flashback.