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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
Injured from the battle, everyone decides to return to the [[Battle Arena]], where Scott and press had gathered in anticipation for Emerald's next match. As Greta battles Emerald, Anabel confronts Scott and claims that he knew about Guile the entire time. Scott confirms her suspicions and reveals he was aware of Guile's presence, Jirachi, and even Emerald from the start. Scott reveals that two months prior, he was called by Professor Oak who informed him that the Battle Frontier would be where Jirachi would awaken and that he intends on capturing it to make a wish. When asked to postpone the Frontier's opening ceremony due to Guile's presence, Scott refused and stated his Frontier Brains would stop the villain. Scott states that he withheld the information from the Frontier Brains to help them get stronger as they still would have lost even if they had known of Guile beforehand.
The next day, Scott watches the tournament being held at the [[Battle Dome]], where Emerald challenges to obtain his fifth Symbol. As Emerald battles Tucker in the finals, Scott asks Anabel to talk with him somewhere else. This Scott is revealed to be a disguised Guile, who puts Anabel under mind control. After this, Guile returns to the Battle Dome, where he manages to find and capture Jirachi. Guile uses the rental Pokémon to attack innocent bystanders and heads to the Battle Tower to make his wish. Emerald, Noland, Ruby, and Sapphire all head to the Battle Tower to stop Guile. As they travel, Noland calls the real Scott, who informs Noland that he was never at the Battle Dome to begin with.
Guile wishes on Jirachi to create a gigantic {{p|Kyogre}} made of seawater and uses it to flood the entire Battle Frontier. During the battle, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire are assisted by their fellow Pokédex holders to battle Guile and his army of rental Pokémon. Scott later assists in helping Emerald break the rental Pokémon from Guile's control. Eventually, Emerald and the Pokédex holders manage to defeat Guile and destroy the gigantic Kyogre monster. The day after, everyone gathers around to congratulate Emerald for the hard work he put into saving everyone. When {{adv|Red}} jokingly suggests that the Pokédex holders have a tournament in the Battle Dome, Scott bursts in the room to suggest making that idea a reality. He then reveals he used Jirachi's final wish to have a large group of people from various regions come to visit the Battle Frontier.