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[[File:Pokemon Adventures volume 1 VIZ cover.jpg|thumb|200px|Pokémon Adventures volume 1 (VIZ Media digital edition)]]
{{main|Red, Green & Blue chapter (Adventures)}}
The first chapter of Pokémon Adventures, much like the first games, chronicles the journeys of {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Blue}} across the [[Kanto]] region, conquering its eight [[Gym]]s and the [[Indigo Plateau|Pokémon League]]. Later, a third Trainer, {{adv|Green}}, is added into the plot. Together, the three defeat [[Team Rocket]], an evil organization that uses Pokémon for illegal acts. Red also helps [[Blaine]] to capture {{Adv|Mewtwo}} and saves {{adv|Yellow|a young girl}} from [[wild Pokémon]] in [[Viridian Forest]] called Yellow, who appears in volumes 4-7. In the end, as in the games, Red defeats Blue in the Pokémon League.
===Yellow chapter (Volume 4~7)===
{{main|Yellow chapter (Adventures)}}
The Yellow chapter starts two years after {{adv|Red}} obtains his title of the Champion in the [[Indigo League|Pokémon League]]. {{adv|Red}} disappears for one month after he leaves to answer a challenge from someone named [[Bruno]]. One day, {{adv|Professor Oak}} discovers Red's {{p|Pikachu}}, [[Pika]], injured at his doorstep. Soon after the arrival of Pika, a young Trainer comes into the Professor's lab. The Trainer, {{adv|Yellow}}, claims that "he" is a friend of {{adv|Red}} and wishes to look for him with Pika. While {{adv|Professor Oak}} is still skeptical about Yellow, especially about "his" ability of healing and sensing Pokémon's emotions, he eventually entrusts this mission and Red's upgraded [[Pokédex]] to the young Trainer. However, this event only triggers the revelation of a larger secret as Yellow is repeatedly attacked by members of the [[Elite Four]]. When Yellow discovers that the Elite Four base is situated at Cerise island, Yellow heads there and meets up with Blaine, Blue, Green and the Team Rocket Commanders: Sabrina, Lt. Surge, and Koga. They decide to team up to take down the Elite Four, where {{Adv|Red}} also joins them.
===Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter (Volume 8~15)===
{{main|Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter (Adventures)}}
As peace is returning to [[Kanto]], new journeys and happenings are beginning in another region, [[Johto]]. {{adv|Gold}} was enjoying his normal life with his family Pokémon, who have been with him since birth, until he ran into a Pokémon thief at [[Professor Elm]]'s lab. As he goes on a journey of chasing the thief, {{adv|Silver}}, with a {{p|Cyndaquil}} from Professor Elm and [[Pokédex]] from {{adv|Professor Oak}}, he stumbles upon the secret plots of the [[Masked Man]]. At the same time, {{adv|Professor Oak}} sends out a "Pokémon Capture Professional," {{adv|Crystal}}, on a journey of completing the Pokédex. She gets involved in [[Eusine]]'s plans to capture {{p|Suicune}} and tries to do so herself. Soon after, she also gets involved with the plots of Masked Man, who is apparently after the two Legendary Pokémon, {{p|Lugia}} and {{p|Ho-Oh}}. The more shocking revelation follows: this Masked Man is actually one of the 8eight [[Gym Leader]]s of the Johto area.
===Ruby & Sapphire chapter (Volume 15~22)===
===FireRed & LeafGreen chapter (Volume 22~26)===
{{main|FireRed & LeafGreen chapter (Adventures)}}
The FRLG series continues the series featuring the characters {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Blue}} as they are forced to explore the [[Sevii Islands]] to look for {{adv|Professor Oak}} who has been kidnapped by [[Team Rocket]]. Meanwhile, {{adv|Green}} has finally located her parents, but as she is about to meet them, they get swallowed up by a mysterious black hole after a {{padv|Deoxys}} attacks them. Red, Green, and Blue must locate the missing relatives with the help of former foe [[Lorelei]], the psychic mutant {{Adv|Mewtwo}} and a mysterious old lady, [[Ultima]], while defeating Team Rocket again at the same time. Back in [[Kanto]], {{adv|Silver}} is seeking his parents as well, with the help of {{adv|Yellow}}. He is soon shocked by the revelation of who his father really is. In the end, {{adv|Red}}, {{adv|Blue}}, {{adv|Green}}, {{adv|Yellow}}, and {{adv|Silver}} are all petrified.
===Emerald chapter (Volume 26~29)===
{{main|Emerald chapter (Adventures)}}
The grand opening of the {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} takes an unexpected twist when {{adv|Emerald}} appears on the scene. Now he must conquer the seven facilities in seven days. However, even with a seemingly unmatched ability in battling and access to every Pokémon {{adv|Crystal}} has ever caught, [[Guile Hideout]], the mysterious stranger that attacks [[Factory Head Noland|Noland]] and is seeking {{padv|Jirachi}}, may be more of a worry than they first thought, especially if he catches Jirachi first.
===Diamond & Pearl chapter (Volume 30~38)===
===Black & White chapter (Volume 43~51)===
{{main|Black & White chapter (Adventures)}}
This chapter follows {{adv|Black}}'s journey across the [[Unova]] region, with the dream of conquering the [[{{un|Pokémon League]]}} and become the [[Pokémon Champion]]. He is joined by {{adv|White}}, who runs the [[BW Agency]] and whose dream is to raise the best Pokémon actor out there.
===Black 2 & White 2 chapter (Volume 52~?)===
===X & Y chapter (Volume ?~?)===
{{main|X & Y chapter (Adventures)}}
{{adv|X}}, a boy who won a Pokémon Tournament as a child, has become depressed due to bad experiences with the paparazzi and the public speaking bad about him. Although his friends {{adv|Y}}, {{adv|Shauna}}, {{adv|Tierno}}, and {{adv|Trevor}} try to get him back to normal, he refuses to listen to them. Meanwhile, [[Team Flare]] is aiming to capture both {{adv|X}}'s [[Key Stone|Mega Ring]] and the Legendary Pokémon {{p[[Xerxer|Xerneas}}]] and {{p|Yveltal}} to power their [[ultimate weapon]].
===Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter (Volume ?~?)===
{{main|Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter (Adventures)}}
When danger approaches [[Hoenn]], {{adv|Ruby}}, {{adv|Sapphire}}, and {{adv|Emerald}} are asked to learn about [[Mega Evolution]] to prevent the impending disaster in ten days.
===Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter (Volume ?~?)===
{{main|Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter (Adventures)}}
{{adv|Moon}}, a girl from Sinnoh, has traveled to [[Alola]] to make a delivery to [[Professor Kukui]]. She meets {{adv|Sun}}, a dedicated delivery boy who aims to collect 100 million yen for a classified purpose. Meanwhile, the [[Island Kahuna]]s realize that the [[guardian deities|Tapu]] have been agitated by something and decide to revive the old custom of [[island challenge]] in order to appease them. In the midst of all these events are also the mysterious girl named [[Lillie]], accompanied by the [[Legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Cosmog}}, and the equally mysterious young man [[Gladion]], who is seeking to get stronger in order to defeat the strange beings known as [[Ultra Beast]]s.