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[[File:EnergyRetrievalCollectionMoon53.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Item cards as of the Sun & Moon Series]]
'''Item cards''' (Japanese: '''グッズ''' ''Goods'') are a subclass of {{TCG|Trainer card}}s. Item cards, as the name suggests, depict [[item]]s, typically from the [[Pokémon games]] such as the [[Good Rod]] and [[Moomoo Milk]], which a player can use once to have some kind of effect on the game, and are then discarded. Players are allowed to play as many Item cards as they wish during their turn. For this reason, Item cards generally have a less valuable effect than Supporter cards. For example, the Item card [[Life Herb (EX hiddenHidden legendsLegends 90)|Life Herb]] has the same effect as the Supporter card [[Pokémon Center Lady (Flashfire 93)|Pokémon Center Lady]], but you must flip a coin to see if the Life Herb Item works. Clearly, the Pokemon Center Lady card has a better effect, but you may only play one Supporter card per turn. Pokémon Tools and Technical Machines are also classified as Item cards. Much like how Supporter and Stadium cards changed their colors to red and green, respectively, Item cards changed to blue. Many Item cards have seen multiple releases and illustrations since Item cards debuted in the {{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} expansion. There are currently {{#expr: {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Item cards}} - 1}} different {{cat|Item cards}}, though many have been printed multiple times with different artwork.
The concept of Item cards as a distinct subclass of Trainer cards debuted in Japan as "Goods" cards, with the release of the {{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} Collections at the start of the LEGEND era. The English releases did not adopt this name change right away, and continued classifying them as {{TCG|Trainer card}}s until the release of {{TCG|Black & White}}. However, they were still considered a distinct class of cards separate from earlier Trainer cards released beforehand, and separate from Stadium and Supporter cards. Therefore, that new class of Trainer cards, as well as all previous Trainer cards that were not Supporters or Stadiums released beforehand, have since been redefined as Item cards, and as a subclass to the overall class of Trainer cards.