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Clemont's Luxray

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Clemont and Luxray first met in Clemont's youth, when he was studying at an academy specializing in {{type|Electric}} Pokémon and Luxray was still a {{p|Shinx}}. Clemont was taking a recreational stroll, thinking of an idea for his graduation assignment. He then found Shinx, visibly weakened by electricity loss. Without hesitation, he brought him to a nearby [[Pokémon Center]], where he was quickly healed. At night, when Clemont was working on his research, Shinx knocked on his window, and Clemont opened it to let him in. He showed Shinx the idea he was working on and that would prevent Electric-type Pokémon from suffering electricity loss. Clemont and Shinx then gradually became good friends, playing together, sleeping together, and working together on Clemont's graduate research.
Clemont's graduate research was a success, and it was enough for him to complete his studies. The day before his graduation, Clemont had promised Shinx to meet up so he could thank him for giving Clemont the idea for his graduate research and wanting to ask him to become his partner. He had even brought a cake for him, but on his way the mayor of the academy's town came to him, compelling him to come with him as a ceremonial meal had been organized to celebrate Clemont's graduation. Looking from the window of the mayor's car, Clemont watched in agony as he saw Shinx waiting for him. After the meal, Clemont came back to their meeting spot, but Shinx was nowhere to be seen, having left in disappointment thinking Clemont had abandoned him. Clemont returned to his home in [[Lumiose City]], while Shinx remained a [[wild Pokémon]], still roaming around the academy. Sometime later, Shinx eventually evolved into Luxio.
[[XY048|In the present day]], Luxio was first seen spying on {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} from a rooftop as they visited the academy. He later showed up when {{TRT}} was causing trouble at the electricity system Clemont had built. Ash and his friends also showed up, and Clemont recognized Luxio, even though he had evolved. Although he briefly seemed to recognize Clemont in return, Luxio ran away, still angry about Clemont not showing up at their meeting. He later battled Team Rocket when they managed to steal a large amount of electricity from the town. When Clemont jumped in the way to shield Luxio from one of Team Rocket's attack and took the hit, Luxio remembered the good times they had together. After Team Rocket was defeated, Luxio proceeded to walk away. Before he left, Clemont admitted he had broken his promise before, but that it was now his turn to wait for Luxio. He proposed to meet up at the same meeting spot as before, and that Luxio should come if he wanted to join Clemont's team. The next day, although it seemed as if Luxio had not forgiven Clemont after all, he showed up just when Clemont had given up hope. Overjoyed, Clemont threw a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} at him and caught him.
===With Clemont===