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Tierno's Blastoise

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He reappeared in ''[[XY090|Tag Team Battle Inspiration!]]'' as a Blastoise. He participated in a Tag Battle along with Ash's Pikachu against [[Shauna's Ivysaur]] and [[Serena's Eevee]], in an attempt to get the latter Pokémon to overcome its shyness. Blastoise's dancing inspired Eevee to respond with her own dancing, allowing her to evade Blastoise's attacks and land a hit with {{m|Swift}} until Serena called the battle off in order to {{pkmn|training|practice}} for her upcoming [[Pokémon Showcase]].
In ''[[XY126|Valuable Experience for All!]]'', Blastoise was used during Tierno's battle against [[Sawyer]] in the quarterfinals of the [[Lumiose Conference]]. He was sent out after Tierno [[Recall|returned]] Raichu to his [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} due to his {{status|infatuation}} with {{p|Slurpuff}}, whose {{m|Attract}} had no effect on Blastoise. As a result, Blastoise was able to hit the {{pkmn|category|Meringue Pokémon}} with a powerful {{m|Hydro Cannon}}, rendering him [[Fainting|unable to battle]].
After that, Blastoise went up against [[Sawyer's Sceptile]]. He managed to stand his ground for a while, even resisting a [[super- effective]] {{m|Leaf Blade}}, but ended up losing after he got hit by {{m|Frenzy Plant}}. Before he fainted, he used {{m|Rain Dance}} to change the [[weather]] and make things easier for his teammate Raichu.
He reappeared in ''[[XY132|A Towering Takeover!]]'', where he joined the fight against [[Team Flare]]. He was later seen watching the battle against the [[Giant Rock]] unfold on television in ''[[XY135|Rocking Kalos Defenses!]]'' and ''[[XY136|Forming a More Perfect Union!]]''.