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Marshadow (M20)

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In the movies
Angered by this, Marshadow attacked Cross and tried to seal the Rainbow Wing away, only to become corrupted by the evil tainting it. Cross tried to take the Rainbow Wing back by force, but Marshadow used its powers to take control of Cross's {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Lycanroc|Midnight Form}} {{p|Lycanroc}}. It then had Lycanroc attack its Trainer. Marshadow then took control of the other Pokémon living in the area and used them to form a small army to attack everyone.
As the others battled Marshadow's army, Ash confronted Marshadow in an attempt to take back the Rainbow Wing and cleanse it of the evil tainting it. Ash and Pikachu battled Marshadow, but it proved to be too powerful and defeated them, though it is left exhausted afterwards. Marshadow's army then proceeded to fire a simultaneous attack on Ash and Pikachu. Ash sacrificed himself by forcing Pikachu to return to its [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} in order to take the full force of the attack alone. The attack caused Ash's body to disappear, and the Rainbow Wing vanished soon after. Pikachu, left in tears from Ash's sacrifice, released an extremely powerful {{m|Thunderbolt}}, sending Marshadow and its army flying. The attack turned the sky back to normal and released Marshadow and its army from the Rainbow Wing's corruption.
After Ash's body was restored, he received a new Rainbow Wing. With the Rainbow Rock back to normal, Marshadow proceeded to leave. After Ash finished his battle with Ho-Oh, Marshadow watched [[Bonji]] make a speech about potential future Rainbow Heroes.