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* The Super Contest ranks{{OBP|rank|Contest}}s are named after the original [[Kanto]] [[Poké Ball]]s ([[Poké Ball (item)|Normal]], [[Great Ball|Great]], [[Ultra Ball|Ultra]], and [[Master Ball|Master]]).
* Pokémon that have Ribbons[[Ribbon]]s earned in Pokémon Contests in [[Generation III]] do not have any advantage when entering a Super Contest; they must go through all four ranks no matter what.
* Pokémon back sprites are often flipped in the Acting Competition, but there are exceptions for noticeably asymmetrical Pokémon, such as {{p|Togekiss}} and {{p|Budew}}.
** In spite of this, {{p|Weezing}}'s sprite is flipped, despite its obviously asymmetrical appearance.
* There appears to be a formal or semi-formal dress code for Super Contest entrants—in the [[Generation IV]] games, the {{player}}s character isare given a tuxedo or dress (dependent on [[gender]]) by [[Johanna]] prior to their first Contestdebut, and anime characters are also required tousually dress up for Sinnoh regionPokémon Contests (though {{Ash}} didn'tdid not do so in histhe first{{ci|Jubilife}} Contest).
* In {{game|Platinum}}, the Pokémon keep their sprite from Diamond and Pearl during the Visual and Dance Competitions.
** The main reason for this is to provide compatibility for multiplayer Super Contests, as the winner of the most recent Super Contest would have a photo of itself in its dressed-up state displayed in front of the reception desks in the Contest Hall.