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Seafoam Island (anime)

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After trying to surf themselves, Ash and his friends eventually met up with {{OBP|Victor|EP067}}, a local surfer. During his first try 20 years ago, Victor had not been able to conquer the Humungadunga, but was planning to accomplish it this time alongside his {{p|Pikachu}}, [[Puka]]. With support from Ash and his friends, Victor ultimately succeeded in riding the Humungadunga and planted a flag on a tall rock near Binnes. He then proceeded to inspire young surfers who watched his legendary accomplishment from the beach.
As mentioned in ''[[EP069|Lights, Camera, Quack-tion]]'', Seafoam Island hosts a movie festival called the '''Flea Collar Film Festival''' (Japanese: '''ビンヌムービー画祭 グランプリ''' ''Binnes Movie Festival Grand Prix''). [[Cleavon Schpielbunk]] was a two-time winner at this festival. The festival's connection to the island is never stated in the dub.
[[File:Binnes panoramic view.png|thumb|550px|A panoramic view of Seafoam Island]]
Seafoam Island has a port from where boats leave for [[Littleroot Town]] in [[Hoenn]]. In ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later!]]'', Ash received a ticket to Hoenn for his next journey from his mother, {{Delia}}. Ash eventually went to Seafoam Island off-screen and boarded the boat onto his next adventure.
In ''[[SS008|Oaknapped!]]'', [[Ritchie]] visited [[Pallet Town]] to meet {{an|Professor Oak}}. He was told by {{Tracey}} however that the professor traveled to Seafoam Island to record a TV programme. Tracey tried to contact Professor Oak via phone, but heard from [[DJ Mary|Mary]] that the professor had vanished without a trace. Tracey and Ritchie traveled to Seafoam Island together to find out what happened. They eventually found out that [[Butch]] and [[Cassidy]] had kidnapped the professor for [[Dr. Namba]], who wanted information on [[Pokérus]] from Professor Oak. They eventually managed to free the professor, who then proceeded to record his live TV show he was working on.