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It is a quiet day at Professor Oak's lab when Tracey hears the doorbell. He opens the door to see Sparky. The camera scrolls up to show Ritchie who introduces himself. Tracey remembers hearing about Ritchie from {{Ash}}, and invites them in. Ritchie explains that he has come to get advice from Professor Oak on the best way to evolve his {{p|Eevee}}. Tracey confirms that the Professor would be the best person to ask, but that he is currently onat {{an|the [[Seafoam Island}}Islands]], and won't be back until that night. Tracey decides to call Professor Oak on the phone, but learns from Mary that Professor Oak has vanished without a trace.
One hitchhiking lorry ride later, Tracey and Ritchie arrive at the Seafoam Island TV Station. The security guards tell them that is temporarily closed, but Mary explains that Tracey is Professor Oak's Assistant. Tracey then introduces Ritchie as Oak's nephew. Inside, Mary explains that Professor Oak disappeared half way through a rehearsal. He is nowhere in the building, and yet the security guards haven't seen him leave. Ritchie asks Mary to tell them what happened, and Tracey introduces him.
===Dub edits===
* In the dub, [[Ritchie]] mentions that he owns an {{p|Eevee}}. In the original version, he does not mention this Pokémon at all.
* In the dub, the setting of the episode is [[Seafoam Island (anime)|Seafoam Island]], as in the [[Seafoam Islands|video game location]], whereas it is an anime-exclusive location called ''Binbou Town'' in the originally. Curiously, this is the second time the dub has changed an anime-exclusive location into "Seafoam Island", previously doing so with the main setting of ''[[EP066|The Evolution Solution]]'' and ''[[EP067|The Pi-Kahuna]]''.
* The Japanese version of the final scene is completely different from the English version (as seen in the above summary). Whereas the dub has Professor Oak wanting to set up a security system and Tracey and Ritchie wanting to appear on ''I Wouldn't Eat That If I Were You'', the original has Oak explaining to Tracey and Ritchie that [[Team Rocket]] captured him because he knows about Pokérus. Then, as [[DJ Mary]] shows up, Oak, Tracey, and Ritchie decide to head off home to Pallet Town.