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===Dub edits===
* In the dub, [[Ritchie]] mentions that he owns an {{p|Eevee}}. In the original version, he does not mention this Pokémon at all.
* In the dub, the setting of the episode is [[Seafoam Island (anime)|Seafoam Island]], as in the [[Seafoam Islands|video game location]], whereas it is an anime-exclusive location called ''Binbou Town'' in the originally. Curiously, this is the second time the dub has changed an anime-exclusive location into "Seafoam Island", previously doing so with the main setting of ''[[EP066|The Evolution Solution]]'' and ''[[EP067|The Pi-Kahuna]]''.
* The Japanese version of the final scene is completely different from the English version (as seen in the above summary). Whereas the dub has Professor Oak wanting to set up a security system and Tracey and Ritchie wanting to appear on ''I Wouldn't Eat That If I Were You'', the original has Oak explaining to Tracey and Ritchie that [[Team Rocket]] captured him because he knows about Pokérus. Then, as [[DJ Mary]] shows up, Oak, Tracey, and Ritchie decide to head off home to Pallet Town.