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{{an|Iris}} walks ahead of everyone, humming happily to herself, which {{Ash}} remarks is because of her newly caught {{TP|Iris|Emolga}}. {{an|Bianca}} asks if she could battle Emolga against her {{TP|Bianca|Pignite}}, and Ash offers to battle with {{AP|Pikachu}}, which {{an|Cilan}} says would be a shocking battle, as they both would be using {{t|Electric}} type. However, Iris accepts Bianca's offer and the group stops in the middle of a clearing to have their battle.
Iris calls out Emolga who poses cutely causing Bianca to let out a squeal before calling out her Pignite. Emolga lands a few hits with {{m|Hidden Power}} and Pignite retaliates with {{m|Heat Crash}}. Though before it could make contact, Emolga uses {{m|Attract}} to stop Pignite in his tracks. Bianca returns Pignite to his {{i|Poké Ball}} and calls out {{TP|Bianca|Minccino}} and has him use Attract. Emolga also uses Attract which cancels out Minccino's. Minccino then charges in and begins {{m|Tickle|tickling}} Emolga who in desperation uses {{m|Volt Switch}} and forces {{TP|Iris|Excadrill}} to come out of his [[Poké Ball]]. {{an|Cilan}} explains that Volt Switch forces the Trainer to swap the active Pokémon with another on in their party. Iris returns Excadrill to his Poké Ball and asks that Emolga must not use Volt Switch against her command. Emolga flashes a cute face at Iris who forgives Emolga and places her back into the battle, much to Emolga's disappointment. Bianca then orders Minccino to use {{m|Hyper Voice}}. As he inhales to launch the attack, Emolga uses Volt Switch and causes {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}}, who had been taking a nap inside his Poké Ball, to come out. Pansage is then hit by the Hyper Voice, causing him to become furious and launch a {{m|Solar Beam}} at Minccino. Minccino is knocked out and Cilan claims Pansage as the victor.
Iris scolds Emolga for using Volt Switch without her command, which causes Emolga to pout cutely to Iris. Forgiving her once again, Iris and Bianca continue their battle by sending out Pignite. Emolga however isn't interested in battling and uses Volt Switch to send out {{AP|Snivy}} then runs off. Ash then battles Pignite with his Snivy while Iris searches for Emolga. She finds her sleeping in a nearby tree and, while everyone is watching, Snivy uses {{m|Vine Whip}} to get her down. Iris scolds Emolga who attempts to charm her Trainer. Iris doesn't fall for it this time, so Emolga {{m|Discharge|shocks everyone}} instead. As they sit up Bianca comments about her hair after being electrocuted, causing Cilan to comment about her optimism. Ash's stomach growls so Cilan then offers to make lunch.