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We then check in briefly with Team Rocket. Meowth confirms that they have reached the rendezvous point, and James says that they should go.
The scene then switches back to Ash and company. Scraggy comes out from hiding, and Ash is excited that he finally is eating his [[Pokémon food]]. Iris comments that he should become more docile and learn to eat with everyone else. Then Ash says that it is time for Scraggy to go into a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}, which upsets Scraggy again. Cilan observes that since it just hatched, it might want to stay in the outside world for a little longer. Later on, everyone is asleep. Axew sleepily pokes his head out of the sleeping bag that he and Iris are sharing, and notices Scraggy sitting on a rock, looking at the moon and stars. When Scraggy notices Axew, he quickly goes back inside the sleeping bag. When he pokes his head out again a second later, Axew notices that Scraggy is gone! Axew jumps out of the sleeping bag and looks around for Scraggy, then wakes up Iris, who wakes up Ash, Pikachu and Cilan. The gang then go looking for Scraggy, calling out and trying to find him. Axew then notices Scraggy's footprints on the ground leading to a tree off in the distance, and points this out to the rest of the group. When the group arrive at the tree, they find Scraggy. Ash asks Scraggy what he is doing in a place like this, but before Scraggy can respond, a wild {{p|Galvantula}} appears! Iris identifies it, and a very scared Axew dives into her hair to hide. Then Ash looks up Galvantula on his Pokédex. Iris and Cilan both agree that this is bad, and Ash and Pikachu jump into action to save Scraggy!
Scraggy is paralyzed with fear at first, but then tries a Headbutt attack. Everyone is shocked that Scraggy would make such a reckless move, and before the attack can land, Scraggy is hit by Galvantula's {{m|Electro Ball}} attack! Then Galvantula launches an {{m|Electroweb}} attack, and follows up with a {{m|Pin Missile}} attack, both of which hit for massive damage and send Scraggy flying backwards! Ash catches Scraggy, and when he sees that Galvantula is charging up another Electro Ball attack, he orders a Thunderbolt attack from Pikachu, which hits Galvantula, and drives it back into hiding in the tree. Ash asks if Scraggy is all right, and Cilan observes that it did suffer direct hits from Galvantula's attacks. Scraggy attempts to stand up and walk, but it is far too weak, and it is paralyzed. Ash asks Cilan if there is a [[Pokémon Center]] nearby, but Cilan responds in the negative. Iris says to leave this to her, and she and Axew jump into the bushes to look for medicinal plants to heal Scraggy. Axew finds one of the plants that they were looking for, and Iris congratulates him on a good find, and says that they should look for plants that recover health next. Back at camp, Iris mixes up the medicine for Scraggy, and Ash feeds it to him, but it does not taste very good. Iris prescribes a good night's rest, and Ash tells it to take a nice rest.