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|setname=Strength Expansion Pack Facing a New Trial<br><small><small>強化拡張パック 新たなる試練の向こう</small></small>
|image=SetSymbolFacing a New Trial.png
|logo=<!--SM2Plus Facing a New Trial Logo.png-->
'''Facing a New Trial''' (Japanese: '''強化拡張パック 新たなる試練の向こう''' ''Strength Expansion Pack Facing a New Trial'') is the name given to the second Japanese subset released during the Sun & Moon Era of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. It is an enhancement of the second main expansion, {{TCG|Islands Await You}} and {{TCG|Alolan Moonlight}}, featuring the collection symbol "SM2+". It continues the introduction of [[Generation VII]] Pokémon to the TCG, while providing new prints of Pokémon already included in the second expansion.
==Set list==
{{Setlist/header|title=Facing a New Trial|tablecol=da026d|bordercol=372650|cellcol=ffa306|rarity=yes|symbol=noyes|image=SetSymbolFacing a New Trial.png}}
{{Setlist/entry|001/049|{{TCG ID|Facing a New Trial|Bellsprout|1}}|Grass||None}}
{{Setlist/entry|002/049|{{TCG ID|Facing a New Trial|Weepinbell|2}}|Grass||None}}