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As Professor Juniper tries to calm the two Trainers and prevent them from fighting, she sends out the three starter Pokémon, first starting with the {{type|Fire}} {{p|Tepig}}. Ash told it that it was 'cool,' but the Fire Pig Pokémon ignored him and ran to the side of the waiting area, blowing a small puff of fire from its snout. Next, the {{type|Water}} {{p|Oshawott}} was sent out, and Ash calls it, to the Sea Otter Pokémon's amusement, 'cute', causing the Sea Otter Pokémon to blush. Lastly, the {{type|Grass}} {{p|Snivy}} was sent out. The three Pokémon then assembled in front of Trip, allowing him to decide which one he wanted to take along with him. After a moment of deliberation, Trip takes out his camera, snaps a quick picture of the three, and then announces that he would choose Snivy. The Grass Snake Pokémon smirks, leaving Tepig slightly annoyed and Oshawott extremely shocked.
As is standard for beginning trainers, Trip is also given a [[Pokédex]] which he uses to check the data of his new partner. He is also given five [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s, along with Snivy's Poké Ball. After recalling Snivy into his Poké Ball, he thanks Professor Juniper and takes his leave.
While Trip walks away from the lab, Ash catches up to him and questions him about [[Gym]] matches in Unova. Similar to Kanto, a Pokémon Trainer in Unova has to collect eight [[badge|Gym Badges]] before he or she can compete in the [[Unova League]]. At that moment, Pikachu runs out from the lab (after the tests are complete) and rejoins Ash. Completely shocked by Pikachu's appearance, Trip checks his Pokédex and starts snapping pictures. Trip then realizes that Pikachu is Ash's partner and decides to test the Electric Mouse's strength by challenging Ash to a [[Pokémon battle]].