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'''Ability''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|特性|とくせい}}''' ''ability'') is a special mechanics in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]], named after [[Ability|the analogous element]] in the main series games. It may be held by any type of {{TCG|Pokémon}} cards
Abilities are additional effects that the card's player can trigger once or multiple times during their turn, before they attack, or that are always active during the game. For example: {{TCG ID|Boundaries Crossed|Keldeo-EX|49}} has an Ability that allows the player to switch Keldeo-EX with the Active Pokémon, once per turn; {{TCG ID|Sun & Moon|Alolan Muk|58}} has an Ability that blocks other Pokémon's Abilities and is active always, until Alolan MuxMuk is no longer in play.
With the release of {{TCG|Black & White}}, Abilities replaced {{TCG|Pokémon Power}}s and their successors {{TCG|Poké-Power}}s and {{TCG|Poké-Body|Poké-Bodies}} as well.