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Arbok (Pokémon)

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In the manga
==In the manga==
[[File:Jessie Arbok EToP.png|thumb|left|200px|Arbok in [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]]]]
===In theThe Electric Tale of Pikachu manga===
{{main|Jessie's Arbok}}
Jessie's Arbok appears in [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]]. Like in the {{pkmn|anime}}, it is her primary Pokémon that she uses in battle.
===In the Magical Pokémon Journey manga===
[[File:Ariana Arbok Adventures.png|thumb|200px|Arbok regenerative pattern in [[Pokémon Adventures]]]]
{{main|Arbok (MPJ)}}
Arbok is one of the supporting characters in [[Magical Pokémon Journey]]. Originally an enemy of the main cast, he along with the [[Ekans Brothers]] befriend [[Hazel]] and her Pokémon.