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* Totem {{p|Gumshoos}}{{sup/7|US}} and Totem {{alo|Raticate}}{{sup/7|UM}} are the only Totem Pokémon that can be battled during the post-game.
* In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], in the battle against Totem {{p|Wishiwashi}} at [[Brooklet Hill]], the Totem Pokémon can summon an [[SOS Battle|Ally]] {{p|Alomomola}} which knows {{m|Water Gun}}, but Alomomola [[Game move errors|cannot legitimately have the move]] in any of the games.
* When comparing Totem PokémonCompared to their originalnon-Totem variantscounterparts, theirevery Totem Pokémon's weight is always increased less than {{tt|proportionally|e.g to its height. forIf ana increasePokémon's ofdensity tworemained timesthe insame heightbetween its Totem and non-Totem variants, a Totem Pokémon twice the weightheight should be increased by eight times}} tothe their heightweight.
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