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As {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are walking by a lake, {{an|Dawn}} admires her new Ribbon and Ash is excited for his [[DP083|next Gym Battle]]. A {{p|Yanma}} flies by and lands on Dawn's head. It flies over to Ash's head and Dawn checks it on her [[Pokédex]]. Yanma flies over to {{an|Brock}}'s head and lands briefly before flying away. A Trainer named [[Tyler]] comes running and asks the gang if they'd seen a Yanma. Ash tells him it went across the lake and Tyler starts running. Ash and his friends decide to follow him.
The group is searching for the Yanma but have no luck. They set up a table and Ash shows Tyler his Badges and Dawn shows him her Ribbons. Tyler is impressed with them and becomes inspired to catch Yanma.
Team Rocket is sleeping and Jessie, [[James]], and {{MTR}} are thinking about what the boss will say, believing he'll be happy with Yanma. Meanwhile, at {{an|Team Rocket HQ|Team Rocket's headquarters}}, Giovanni receives Jessie's Yanma, delivered to his office by two {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s. He uses a special extension arm from his laptop to scan the Poké Ball, revealing the {{OBP|Pokémon|species|species}} inside and the [[move]]s it knows, one of which is {{m|Ancient Power}}. He asks about their current supply, and one of the grunts reports that Team Rocket has recently caught a large number of Yanma, and therefore there is no need for the Yanma they've just received. As he scratches his {{TP|Giovanni|Persian}} behind the ears, Giovanni is asked what he wants to do with the Yanma...
The next day the group is ready to catch Yanma and Brock has set up {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} food for it. Team Rocket is freshening up and Delibird returns. It gives them Yanma back without telling Meowth what it is. They open the box and see it's a Poké Ball. Meowth thinks Giovanni has sent them a new, powerful Pokémon which makes his, James's, and Jessie's eyes sparkle imagining the Poké Ball containing a {{p|Lucario}} or a {{p|Rampardos}}. Jessie throws the Poké Ball only to have Yanma come out, and from the way it sits on Jessie's head the trio realize it's not just a Yanma... it's the ''same'' Yanma they caught earlier. Jessie is disappointed and Meowth and James are surprised. Jessie and James start crying as they believe that Giovanni decided to reward them for catching a powerful Pokémon by returning said Pokémon to them. The two agree that Jessie should be Yanma's Trainer and also decide to catch another Yanma for Giovanni in return.