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Mahogany Town
[[File:Mahogany Town GSC.png|thumb|left|Mahogany Town]]
{{to|Mahogany}} is a small, quiet town in the northeast mountains. There is no official Poké Mart, but the shop in the center of town offers the usual [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s and [[Potion]]s, in addition to oddities like [[Tiny Mushroom|TinyMushroom]]s and [[Slowpoke Tail|SlowpokeTail]]s. The east exit is blocked off by a man selling [[Rage Candy Bar|RageCandyBar]]s. The [[Mahogany Gym]] is blocked off as well, so head north to {{rt|43|Johto}}.
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==Route 43==
[[File:Johto Route 43 GS.png|thumb|150px|Route 43]]