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The Final Battle
==The Final Battle==
[[File:Alex Ed Prins-Stairs Trophy.jpg|thumb|right|125px|A picture of the trophy won by the East Coast Pokémon 2000 Stadium Tour champion.]]
The final Pokémon battle for the trophy was fought three on three, with Alex Ed Prins-Stairs vs a "Pokémon Master" Staff member. The battle could be seen live and in 3D for the first time on a big screen television using {{eng|Pokémon Stadium}} which hadn't been released yet. Ed's team was {{p|Mewtwo}}, {{p|Mew}} and {{p|Starmie}} while the staff members' team was {{p|Mewtwo}}, {{p|Mew}} and {{p|Articuno}}. After a long battle where both {{p|Mewtwo}} were the remaining Pokémon on the field and {{m|Recover}}, {{m|Rest}} and {{m|Thunder Wave}} were the only available moves on either side, rather than take up time with non-damaging moves, the staff member forfeited and declared Alex Ed Prins-Stairs the winner. The trophy was mailed to the winner along with a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} filled with candy and a {{p|Mewtwo}} plushie.
==Dates and locations==