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As the train travels on to Lake Acuity, the driver tells his Pokémon, an {{p|Ampharos}}, to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}. The driver's assistant tells the gang that the train is powered by Ampharos's {{t|Electric}} attacks, impressing the group with the cooperation between Ampharos and the driver. Looker gives the boxed lunch to the train crew when the driver suddenly stops the train, as the signal ahead is set at red for danger.
The driver decides to check what is happening. However, when he makes a call, he is informed that there is nothing wrong with the line ahead despite the signal that says otherwise. As there may be a problem with the line that hasn't been relayed to the operators, the assistant and Looker decide to go outside and check while the driver goes to inform the passengers of the situation. Meanwhile, the gang decides this is the perfect time to eat their lunches, and as the train is delayed, they decide to eat it outside and let their Pokémon out of their [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s for a while. Team Rocket decides to take advantage of the opportunity and make an attempt to steal all of the Pokémon. As they are about to leave their seats, the driver tells them not to worry, and they can watch the scenery. In a bad mood, Jessie almost tells the driver about their intentions, but Meowth covers her mouth in time.
Outside, Looker discovers that the track, which supposedly hasn't been used for a long time, doesn't have one speck of dust on it, implying it is being used on a regular basis now. The assistant replies that it could be a prank, but the junction points on the disused line have also been changed. Looker realizes that the points were changed intentionally, and the assistant tells Looker to go back to the train while he investigates further. However, rather than head back, Looker heads down the mysterious line.