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The [[Masked Man]], still on his way to [[Ilex Forest]], tells {{adv|Tower duo|Lugia and Ho-Oh}} to join [[Will]] and [[Karen]] at their destination. He lands on a mountainous area on his {{p|Delibird}}, and mutters to himself. He is heard by {{adv|Gold}}, who has chased him all the way from the [[Indigo Plateau]]. The Masked Man taunts Gold over his previous defeats. Gold, now with his full team called out, throws a [[Focus Band]] to each of them, and retrieves all but Sudobo and [[Aibo]].
Aibo, thrown forward by Sudobo, uses {{m|Agility}} around the Masked Man, who swats it away. The Masked Man then knocks Gold back, just as Gold is about to strike his four other [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s with his cue. At the next moment, the Masked Man sees the Poké Balls roll towards him. [[Exbo]], [[Polibo]], Sunbo and Tibo pop out. Polibo grabs Delibird and makes a humming noise. The Masked Man goes for Polibo, but Sudobo, with Aibo's Agility transferred to it via {{m|Baton Pass}} holds him back. He calls Delibird for help, but notices that it has fainted along with Polibo due to the latter's {{m|Perish Song}}.
The Masked Man roars, and starts regenerating his lower body with ice. Gold gets Tibo to propel Sunbo skywards. Sunbo uses {{m|Sunny Day}} and evolves into a {{p|Sunflora}}. With a powered-up {{m|Flamethrower}}, Exbo melts away the Masked Man's lower body, and Gold gets the chance to pin him down and shatter his mask.